Rother Vale Residents Survey

Today I am launching my Rother Vale Residents Survey.  This survey will ensure I am focusing my attention on the issues that matter most to the residents of our area.  Please look out for a copy coming through your letter box over the next few weeks: Or if you prefer, please fill in the survey on this website here .


Waverley Residents Association

As a proud resident of Waverley I am incredibly pleased to have been accepted onto the Waverley Residents Association.  The great community spirit we all feel on the development is as a direct result of the hard work of the Residents Association.  They not only arrange events but give everyone a voice with Harworth Estates and the Borough Council.

If there is anything I can help you with, either in my capacity as Catcliffe Parish Councillor or Waverley Residents Association member, please do get in touch.